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This is the support page for Nokia series 40 web application "Inspirational quotes".

please check FAQs to know more:

Q1. I saw some quote in the app but not able to see the same now?
A1. Quotes are regularly updated and the old ones get replaced with the newer ones. you may find the earlier quotes @

Q2. Who writes these quotes?
A2. these are quotes that i like personally and come from various legends. some of the these represent my thoughts, feelings beliefs, i has written them myself (Radhye).

Q3. who is radhey?
A3. well it's me , the writer. Radhey is my Nick Name.

Q4. the application doesn't work on my phone properly.
A4. Application was designed and tested to work with latest full touch Asha series of phone. please visit and leave comments about you issues with application so that i can release updates to correct the same.

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